About UFCP

Dog Trainer and any other jobs related to the Canine Profession are not a protected profession. This offcourse means that everyone who feels like it can call itself a Dog Trainer, regardless of the study they did of even the real knowledge they posses about dogs. We at the UFCP (United Front of Canine Professionals) think that this is not fair to those who did the courses and the studying but also not fair towards the dog owners who maybe get told somethings during their trainings what might not be true or even working the totally opposite way. Disclaimer
Do you think that you're trainer or dog school should be UFCP Approved let us know. Then we offcourse will contact them. We are alwayse interested in approving good dog schools.

Approved Trainers

The Netherlands

Kyno World

Uranuslaan 130
1562 XD Krommenie

+31 (0) 6 - 39 64 20 78


Walenburgerweg 91-a
3039 AE Rotterdam

+31 (0) 6 - 41 50 45 27